Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Kyklos Trilogy by David Toft

The Kyklos Trilogy, #1
David Toft
ISBN: 9781301691340
Length: Novel
Genre: Occult Fantasy
Price: $2.99

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The discovery of a crucified cat in the chapel of his school plunges headmaster Augustus Braithwaite into a battle against forces, and worlds, he previously didn’t know existed.

Augustus acquires an ally in Sharna, a young woman he rescued from execution in her own world, and they return to his school to confront the power head on.

Only one of their enemies, teacher Edward Braine, horribly disfigured but still maliciously strong, survives. Together they track him across Ireland to a final confrontation on the island of Inishbofin.

The Kyklos Trilogy, #2
David Toft
ISBN: 9781310288708
Length: Novel
Genre: Occult Fantasy
Price: $2.99

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It is nineteen years since Augustus and Sharna’s victory over Edward Braine’s coven on Inishbofin. Across England the renewal cycles of other covens should be under way, but Augustus and Sharna have not been summoned to thwart their expansion.

Alrik, their nineteen-year-old son, is missing again.

A brutal serial killer leaves a gruesome trail of mutilated girls across Ireland.

Could the three be linked? Could Edward Braine still be alive? In striving to answer these questions, Augustus is tempted back to Ireland and into the most desperate struggle of his life.

• • •

Born in Bradford England, David Toft gained a degree in Education before going on to work in London and Warwickshire. He now lives in South County Dublin, Ireland with his wife, Mary.

David has been writing adult fantasy and paranormal fiction for over twenty years.

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