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I want to thank my very good friend Miriam for letting me share her amazing blog! It is such an honor. We love you, girl!

I am releasing a Special Edition of my paranormal romantic comedy of disasters, A Ghost of a Chance to celebrate my return to writing after too many years. 

I'm giving away 2 signed paperback copies of the new edition, plus a very special Halloween gift to one lucky commenter today! Please leave those comments below for a chance to win... and...

by Minnette Meador

Reggie shrugged and rubbed his nose with a long forefinger. “The succubus is drawn to powerful men…psychics.”

“That’s horseshit, Reggie. I’m no psychic.”

Reggie nailed him with a stony gaze and chuckled under his ghostly breath.“Let’s see… you see dead people. Not only do you see them, but you talk to them as well. As a matter of fact, some of your best friends are dead. Sounds rather psychic to me. But what do I know?” 

Keenan licked his lips. “Oh.”
A Ghost of a Chance, Chapter Three, Imbibbing Spirits

When I was a teenager, it was the 70’s when ESP, clairvoyance, and telekinetics made a big splash in the US. I had a teacher who was really into psychic abilities, and he asked some of us to participate in an experiment with a friend of his. His friend happened to be a very well-known professor of psychology at Portland State University. There were about ten of us who volunteered to do the gauntlet of ESP or Psy tests at the university. Two of us had very high readings and moved on to another set of tests. I had the highest ESP readings in the group. Now, honestly, I think a lot of it had more to do with my ability to read micro facial expressions and something else I’ve had all my life: I’m a witch.

No, not that kind of witch. I’m what some call a Dowser or Water Witch. For some reason, my neurons are arranged in some very strange configurations and my body acts like a kind of conduit for energy, whether it’s electricity, moving water, or even emotions. I can find water, metal, electricity, and sometimes even nothing. It’s not exactly rocket science and, to tell the truth, I still don’t know precisely how it works. I just know it does.

Because of it, I have a gift for reading people, not only by their faces but also by the energy they are emanating. Weird, huh? I’m very good at reading emotions, especially very strong ones, only because they create a stronger emotional “current.” This makes it very hard to be in crowded places, like malls, movie theaters, etc.; crowds give me a splitting headache. However, I’ve learned to control it over the years. Now, for those of you who think this is magic, it’s very scientific; it’s just that I can feel magnetic fields that others can’t. You should have seen me the first time they put me in an MRI; I scared the tech out of his wits when I could tell him exactly where the scanner was on my body. I wasn’t supposed to feel anything.

In my book, A Ghost of a Chance, my wonderfully funny protagonist, Keenan, has abilities himself. He can see ghosts… and not just one or two; he sees them all. He puts out streetlamps as he walks by them when he’s angry or upset (which my husband swears I do all the time – he actually watches for it). On top of this, he has an uncanny ability to save the world, even though he doesn’t know it... or want it!

So, what about you? Are you psychic? Do you know someone who is? Are you the kid with all the gnarly powers? Tells us about it. You’d be surprised how many of us have them… or how many of us deny them. Share your experience... I LOVE a good psychic story! M;o)

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Writing Slump? Me Too!


Life comes in seasons. Busy ones. Delightful ones. Then there are the seasons in which your creative well runs dry. Sigh. If you're in a creative drought, you're not alone. I'm in one as well. So for this month, let's chat about some ways to be creative when the muse has gone on vacation.

Don't Stress

First things first, this is completely normal. Anyone who has been writing for a while will tell you the same thing. There are times in which the words practically write themselves and then there are other times where the words run and hide. Don't stress yourself out about this. These droughts are temporary even if they tend to come at the worst times.

Chat Things Through With Your Writer Friends

Sometimes the only thing you need is one really good conversation with another creative type. Just about every writer I know loves to offer up story ideas, so running your story (or lack thereof) ideas by another writer can stir up possibilities you had never even considered before.

Take a Break

Sometimes your brain is trying to tell you that it needs a second to just exist. And it's perfectly okay if that second turns into a couple of weeks. While having a habit of writing daily is wonderful, sometimes our every day lives take up all of our creative juices leaving nothing left to create amazing story-verses with. So, if your brain is telling you to take a break, listen.

Go Outside

Nature is magical. Taking a long walk can stir up all kinds of the awesome ideas, not to mention it is a great way to destress. I highly recommend getting outside for a bit when you're feeling stuck whether it be pulling weeds in your garden to hiking a mountain, sometimes the thing you mind needs most is a little bit of everyday magic.

What is your favorite way to get unstuck when you're in a slump? Comment below! And as always, happy writing.

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(📚¸. CARAVANSERAI (The Chronicles of Alcinia Book 7)

 by Miriam Newman 

#Historical #Fantasy #Romance #HistoricalRomance #Caravanserai #ChroniclesOfAlcinia #OnSale @AuthorMiriamNewman 

Her grandmother’s dying words launch Serafina on a quest to find her unknown father. Unable to accept the love of a childhood friend, she nevertheless accepts his company on her journey, but what they discover may lead to a quick trip to an enemy prison. 

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The final book in my historical fantasy series, The Chronicles of Alcinia, is available for pre-order:

You can also find it on most sale sites on August 21.

Her grandmother’s dying words launch Serafina on a quest to find her unknown father. Unable to accept the love of a childhood friend, she nevertheless accepts his company on her journey, but what they discover may lead to a quick trip to an enemy prison.

Here is what reviewers had to say regarding the preceding book, Emperator:

Follow four generations of love and war in this epic tale of the Magistri family, who finally have no new lands left to conquer.  But, oh, what a journey they have made.  You can take it along with them, from the mystic island nation of Alcinia to the deserts of far-off Domidia.  Read them as stand alone or in series, with multiple awards and five-star reviews along the way.  

Book I, The King's Daughter, is free.  All other books previous to Caravanserai are reduced to $1.99.

I will miss these characters, but you don't have to.  Get them today.


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 Fearless's a thing at Brenda Whiteside's blog.  Visit Brenda today for a peek into the "fearless" history of my book The King's Daughter, currently free at Amazon.

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 Small town romance - get it here!  Join the Silver Dagger Blog Tour for the Masonville Series.

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My latest historical fantasy romance is currently featured on many blogs through Silver Dagger Book Tours, which is also offering chances to enter a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift certificate. 

Emperator is a family saga set in an alternate world, tracing generations of a dynasty powerful in politics, love and war.  The most recent candidate for greatness is Sergius, son of a Northern king and grandson of an Omani general, who has gone to his grandfather's native land to free it from Domidian occupiers.

This is the man who would be Emperator.

It is going to take a little work.


“Gratuitas!” he shouted back, met with cheers and a surge of citizens finally breaking through the line to happily assault the men coming ashore, Omani and Northerner alike. Girls grabbed both his arms and another pinched his cheek, while men pushed from behind, laughing and propelling him into the crowd. The victors and the vanquished mingled like old friends, back-slapping and exchanging bottles, speaking a babble of tongues. A likely-looking girl, all smooth olive skin and glossy black hair, virtually climbed him, pulling his head down and planting a kiss on him.
“Eh, Omani! You come home at last.”
“Not me, my grandfather,” he said, smiling.
“Close enough. They all come. Where is better than Omana?” She called behind her to girlfriends. “Rosa, Berenita, this one’s one of us. Come make him welcome.”
It was bedlam, the guards had lost all control, and the crowd and a bevy of laughing girls bore him down the street to a tavern, where the first one ducked in.
“Come,” she invited. “Domidians shut these places down. They said they were trouble spots.” She winked at him. “They are.”
Inside, a roiling mob like a tide was pulling benches out of storage and uncovering a bar inches deep in dust. It flew everywhere as they gave it a rough cleaning, thumping similarly dusty bottles and flagons onto its scarred surface.
A grizzled-looking man smelling of garlic threw an arm around his neck, grinning happily. “Drink, drink,” he urged. “We hid these in caves the devils never knew about. Everybody drink!”
Domidians had had no sense of humor about such things, but Omanis had loved their wine since time immemorial. Now the fruit of everyone’s vines was being shared indiscriminately. There was no payment required. Sergius had more liquor plied on him in minutes than he could have drunk in weeks. Beside him, the girls who had abducted him were getting royally drunk.
It was starting already, he thought. Well, to the victor, the spoils. One of them plopped down in his lap, fondling him suggestively through his braes.
“Ooh, bad me, I like that,” she laughed. “I bet you fuck like a stallion.”
Well, it was said Omani women had no shame. That was all right with him. He didn’t have any, either.
“I do,” he said."

You can see him at: