Friday, June 30, 2017

5-Star Review for SINBAD SAILS AGAIN

Thanks to the Paranormal Romance Guild for the 5-star review of SINBAD SAILS AGAIN.

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Available for the first time as an e-book bundle, the award-winning historical fantasy series The Chronicles of Alcinia weaves a tale of war, history, passion and romance.   In Book I, The King’s Daughter, Tarabenthia of Alcinia should grow to inherit her father’s throne by the rocky cliffs of the sea.  When invaders seize her land, what will she sacrifice in the name of love?  In Book II, Heart of the Earth, the Northern Prince who has always wanted Tia saves her life.  But will the price of his protection be too high?  And finally in Book III, Ice Maiden, readers who wondered about the fate of Tia’s oldest son have their answer.  Sometimes heart-wrenching, always powerful, this is a tale of heroes and the women who loved them.