Monday, July 11, 2022



The final book in my historical fantasy series, The Chronicles of Alcinia, is available for pre-order:

You can also find it on most sale sites on August 21.

Her grandmother’s dying words launch Serafina on a quest to find her unknown father. Unable to accept the love of a childhood friend, she nevertheless accepts his company on her journey, but what they discover may lead to a quick trip to an enemy prison.

Here is what reviewers had to say regarding the preceding book, Emperator:

Follow four generations of love and war in this epic tale of the Magistri family, who finally have no new lands left to conquer.  But, oh, what a journey they have made.  You can take it along with them, from the mystic island nation of Alcinia to the deserts of far-off Domidia.  Read them as stand alone or in series, with multiple awards and five-star reviews along the way.  

Book I, The King's Daughter, is free.  All other books previous to Caravanserai are reduced to $1.99.

I will miss these characters, but you don't have to.  Get them today.


Friday, July 8, 2022


 Fearless's a thing at Brenda Whiteside's blog.  Visit Brenda today for a peek into the "fearless" history of my book The King's Daughter, currently free at Amazon.