Sunday, October 31, 2021



For those who observe the lives of their ancestors, may you remember them with love.

May children safely enjoy the fun and companionship of Halloween. 

A peaceful Sunday to all.

Friday, October 29, 2021


 Now and through much of November, you can read excerpts from Book II of my Viking series at the Silver Dagger blog tour.  Also, don't forget to enter the drawing for an Amazon gift certificate.  

The Eagle's Lady continues the saga of Ari and Maeve begun in Book I, The Eagle's Woman.  Here is an excerpt for you: 

Hedeby, 853 A.D.

Chapter One

He was her owner who had bought her with Hedeby coin in the public market and taken her virginity not an hour later in a little house rented for the purpose. Before that, he and his Viking marauders had raided her peaceful village in Eire, stealing her from the smith she was to wed, just as his brother had then stolen her and taken her to Hedeby to sell. Maeve knew she should hate him.

Son of an impoverished, dying chieftain, he raided for booty and slaves so he could feed his people. Pagan himself, still he spared Christian priests though he sold them. He was a heathen, probably a murderer, and it was a sin to lie with him.

* * *

You can check out the tour and enter the drawing here: 

Friday, October 22, 2021



Join the Silver Dagger blog tour beginning today for my new release, "The Eagle's Lady."  Book II of my Viking romance series, "The Eagle," this book traces the journey of Ari and Maeve.

Son of an impoverished and ailing Jarl, Ari raids for booty and slaves to feed his people.  He is a heathen, a murderer, and it is a sin for any Christian woman to love him.  When he abducts Maeve from her peaceful Irish fishing village, she is horrified to realize she may be the only one who can--if she survives.

Readers have been asking about the fate of these two since reading Book I, "The Eagle's Woman."  

Find it here:

Don't forget to enter the drawing for an Amazon gift certificate.