Wednesday, December 15, 2021


 I always like to mention this inexpensive 90-minute read for Christmas. On the planet Megasta, colonists live in an uneasy peace with native tribes until the advent of Terran fever threatens their tenuous coexistence. Can the efforts of a medical technician from Old Earth and her love for a Megasti man avert bloodshed between their people? Only .99, a 5-star review book:

Monday, December 6, 2021


 It's another Goddess Fish blog tour and giveaway.  Join the first stop for my historical fantasy romance, The Winter Princess, and see snippets of all four books in my series, The Chronicles of Alcinia.  In Book IV, Princess Sereen of Armatica is given to an enemy king as part of a peace treaty.  Envisioned as a peacemaker between warring kingdoms, she is soon caught up in palace intrigue and the ambitions of sorceresses known as the Mothers of Fire.  Balanced on the knife's edge of political and marital strife in her new kingdom, she longs only for a summer of the heart.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


 The Winter Princess, Book IV of my fantasy historical series The Chronicles of Alcinia, releases December 1 exclusively on Kindle Direct.  All other books in the series have been discounted.  Get Book I, The King's Daughter, a multiple award winner--only $1.99.  See them here:

You can also look for The Winter Princess featured by Goddess Fish Promotions beginning December 6 and enter the drawing for an Amazon gift certificate.

Monday, November 22, 2021


 November 22 is the last day to join the Silver Dagger blog tour for my Viking romance, The Eagle's Lady, and enter the drawing for an Amazon gift certificate.  You can find it here:

It has been a pleasure reading all the comments and I wish everyone the best of luck in the drawing.  

If you are a fan of fantasy historical romance, also check out my book, The Winter Princess, when it releases December 1, and its sequel called The Prince of Summer when it releases in 2022.

Happiest of holidays to all!

Thursday, November 11, 2021


 Book IV of my historical fantasy romance series, The Chronicles of Alcinia, is now available for pre-order!

Given to an enemy king to seal a treaty, Sereen is drawn at once into palace intrigue and the political web of the sorceresses of her new country.  She will have to fight overwhelming odds to find her own summer of the heart.

See this newest lady of the Chronicles, to be released 12/1/21, at 

Sunday, October 31, 2021



For those who observe the lives of their ancestors, may you remember them with love.

May children safely enjoy the fun and companionship of Halloween. 

A peaceful Sunday to all.

Friday, October 29, 2021


 Now and through much of November, you can read excerpts from Book II of my Viking series at the Silver Dagger blog tour.  Also, don't forget to enter the drawing for an Amazon gift certificate.  

The Eagle's Lady continues the saga of Ari and Maeve begun in Book I, The Eagle's Woman.  Here is an excerpt for you: 

Hedeby, 853 A.D.

Chapter One

He was her owner who had bought her with Hedeby coin in the public market and taken her virginity not an hour later in a little house rented for the purpose. Before that, he and his Viking marauders had raided her peaceful village in Eire, stealing her from the smith she was to wed, just as his brother had then stolen her and taken her to Hedeby to sell. Maeve knew she should hate him.

Son of an impoverished, dying chieftain, he raided for booty and slaves so he could feed his people. Pagan himself, still he spared Christian priests though he sold them. He was a heathen, probably a murderer, and it was a sin to lie with him.

* * *

You can check out the tour and enter the drawing here: 

Friday, October 22, 2021



Join the Silver Dagger blog tour beginning today for my new release, "The Eagle's Lady."  Book II of my Viking romance series, "The Eagle," this book traces the journey of Ari and Maeve.

Son of an impoverished and ailing Jarl, Ari raids for booty and slaves to feed his people.  He is a heathen, a murderer, and it is a sin for any Christian woman to love him.  When he abducts Maeve from her peaceful Irish fishing village, she is horrified to realize she may be the only one who can--if she survives.

Readers have been asking about the fate of these two since reading Book I, "The Eagle's Woman."  

Find it here:

Don't forget to enter the drawing for an Amazon gift certificate.

Friday, September 24, 2021


 Book II of my Viking historical "Eagle" series, "The Eagle's Lady" is now available for pre-purchase.  It releases October 22.

Son of an ailing jarl, Ari Bjornsson raids for treasure and slaves to support his family.  He is a heathen, a murderer, and it is a sin for any Christian woman to love him.  

Abducted to Norway from her peaceful Irish fishing village, Maeve is horrified to realize that she may be the one who can.

It will not be easy.  Read the rest of their story here:


Friday, June 18, 2021



Catch my sweet contemporary romance, Love Cabin, and three other romantic comedies in this anthology, now available in audiobook.

Friday, June 4, 2021


 RABT Book Tours is featuring a Book Blitz today for Book 3 of my Norman Conquest romance series, "Clothilde."

Beginning with the prequel, "Flame of Normandy," and continuing through my best selling "The Comet," each book can be read as a stand alone.  Read together, they chronicle the lives and loves of a Norman family during William of Normandy's conquest of Anglo-Saxon England.

Clothilde is a study in contradictions.  She cannot be a knight, refuses to be a nun and loathes the idea of marriage.

See her story and enter a drawing for an ebook copy of "Flame of Normandy," which is getting very fine reviews.

This series is such a favorite of mine, I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Friday, May 21, 2021


For the next month, you can join the Silver Dagger blog tour for my Norman Conquest romance, Clothilde.  Book 3 of the Comet series, Clothilde is the story of one family's lives and loves during William the Conqueror's defeat of Anglo-Saxon England.

Enter the drawing for a $15 gift certificate or electronic copy of the prequel to this series, Flame of Normandy.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 7, 2021



It's release day! This morning Book III of my Comet series, "Clothilde" released as an ebook on Amazon. Following the rise of William of Normandy in his ascent to the English throne in 1066, "Clothilde" is the final book in the trilogy. Each book can be read as a stand alone. In this final installment, the du Flaumier family dynasty created by the forced marriage of Catherine Broussard to Hugo du Flaumier will face its greatest challenge as Hugo follows William to England to conquer the Anglo-Saxon King Harold and seize the English throne. Safely--or perhaps unsafely--left behind on the shores of Normandy, Hugo and Catherine's youngest daughter is left to her own devices. Bad idea!

Excerpt: "She was pointing at her nemesis, thirsting to see him extinguished before her eyes. God would have to forgive her later. Guie’s horse, trained to a fine art, jumped a prone body on the ground—Dain--and landed at a full stop just ahead of the fleeing kidnapper, allowing Guie to land on the backstroke. It was over in seconds. She heard his sword in the air, the thud as it met flesh, and then she didn’t want to see any more.
The others were running for their lives, but the second knight rode them down like chasing mice, leaning from his horse at a full gallop, hewing them down. Within moments, justice had been administered. Nothing but dead bodies lay in the road except for Clothilde and Dain.
Clothilde lay retching and heaving in the dust, gasping for air. She saw a horse’s forefeet in front of her, then felt hands on her shoulders. Her sister’s husband jerked her to her feet in a single motion and then had to hold her up.
“Are you hurt?” he asked, one mailed arm around her like iron. “Clothilde, are you hurt?”
She shook her head. “Just winded.” She spared a glance for Dain, who was still sprawled at the roadside with the second knight simply standing in front of him, dismounted. But he had left him his head.
“What the fuck is this?” Guie demanded furiously.
“I...went over the cliffs,” Clothilde gasped. “He found me. He was bringing me home.”
“From here?”
“He took me to his home first. They took care of me. Please, Guie, don’t kill him.”
“That is not a likely story,” the second knight put in. She glanced up at him long enough to know she didn’t know him. He was young, dark haired, with piercing blue eyes, and speaking with assurance. “I found where you went down and it was right on your own land. You didn’t fall, you were taken down. And then this turd grabbed you for a little ransom, which now is a reward, so he was returning you. Isn’t that the way it went?”
She saw Dain watching, not trying to defend himself. There was no point. They were aristocrats, he was a peasant. They would do with him as they wished, law or no law. But he knew now she was no lady’s maid.
“You’ve taken Lord Hugo’s daughter, you idiot.” The unknown knight spat into the bushes—more disgust than dust. By her count, he had killed three men in mere seconds and his attitude clearly conveyed he wouldn’t mind one more.
“Please don’t kill him, he doesn’t deserve it,” Clothilde begged.
“That will be for Hugo to judge.” Guie was steadying her on her feet, but she could tell he was still furious. Well, let her father judge, then. There were no witnesses left alive. They were lying in bloodied heaps on the road. She turned aside, retching.
“He will not be back for some time,” Guie said when she had finished. “Harold is defeated but they are harrying his remnant to the north. I’ve come back for Cecile’s confinement, no more, then I must return. But you...”
He looked at her with a dire shake of the head.
“All I did was to go fishing,” Clothilde protested.
“Alone. On an unguarded beach with everyone gone to war. Tilde, I do not know what to do with you.” He looked over at the second knight. “Estman, are you not in need of a wife?”
Follow Clothilde's adventurous life, lived on the tides of love and war. And don't forget to check out Books I and II, "Flame of Normandy" and "The Comet."

Saturday, May 1, 2021


 "Clothilde" officially releases May 7 and is available for pre-release now at Amazon:

If you like historical romance, don't miss Flame of Normandy, The Comet or Clothilde.  This series will take you from the years preceding the Norman Conquest of Anglo-Saxon England to the years after, when a way to peace between two strong warring nations--and some strong warring families--must be found.  A tale of war and love, Clothilde is a big chunk of a book that will give you hours of reading pleasure.  See it today!


Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 Join the Goddess Fish blog tour for DCL Publications' anthology "Scent of a Man."  Along with three other DCL authors, I took the plunge into rom com in a varied collection of stories to lighten the mood.  Start today at

Additional stops in the review tour will be added over the next week.  Can't wait to see what the additional reviews will say!


Friday, March 26, 2021


Book III of my Norman Conquest romance series, "Clothilde," will release May 7!  

I am seriously in love with this series and hope you will be, too.  Beginning with the prequel, "Flame of Normandy," it traces the history of a Norman dynasty before, during and shortly after the time of the Conquest.

When William of Normandy arranges the marriage of Hugo du Flaumier and Catherine Broussard in Book I, "Flame of Normandy," he is joining pledged enemies.  Hugo and Catherine's father have been trying to kill each others for years and many people believe Hugo and Catherine will continue the pattern.

Fate takes its course in Book II, "The Comet."  Neel de Jardinier, a young bastard knight raised at Hugo du Flaumier's castle, seeks the land in England that he can never have in France.  And, like his foster father, Neel also marries a woman who would like to see him dead.

In Book III, "Clothilde," Hugo and Catherine have--despite everything --produced a daughter who is the living emblem of their passionate power struggle.  Headstrong, reckless and prone to trouble, Clothilde du Flaumier will resist every constraint imposed upon her and those constraints are legion.  She cannot be a knight, she will not be a nun and she loathes the thought of becoming a wife.  

See her story in "Clothilde."  Like her mother, she will never bore you.  

Here is the current link for Books I and II of the series.  You may want to get a head start!

And here, at last, is Clothilde.  You can see more of her May 7.



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As if life wasn't exciting enough right now with two blog tours running simultaneously on two different books...Book III in my historical romance Comet series, Clothilde, will release in May. Those who have read Flame of Normandy and The Comet will have learned something about the Norman Conquest of England, the Battle of Hastings and the events that presaged it. In particular, the Battle of Varaville is little known in history, but it was the turning point in which the forces of the King of France were vanquished by those of William of Normandy--nominally his vassal! Now that takes real nerve. See that battle in Book I, Flame of Normandy, and how it charts the course of the du Flaumier family.

Sunday, March 14, 2021


My Norman Conquest romance, Flame of Normandy, is featured all this month on Silver Dagger Book Tours.  Love that name!  Come read excerpts and enter a drawing for a gift certificate, with many chances to win. 

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Join the RABT Blog Tour for DCL Publications' romantic comedy anthology, Scent of a Man.  This collection features four short stories by three other talented authors and me.  There is something for everyone!  You can find us here: 

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 Warm your heart with four romantic comedies, including my contemporary romance, "Love Cabin."  Have a cup of tea or something stronger and prepare to be entertained with "The Scent of a Man."  $4.99 at multiple sites.

Apple Books: No actual Buy Now link as an Apple Book can only be purchased via the Apple Books app. The Apple Books Product Page is Here -

Print can be found on Amazon for $16.99 Here

"Love Cabin" ~  He thinks she's a snob.  She thinks he hates women.  It's going to take a lot to work this out!