Friday, March 26, 2021


Book III of my Norman Conquest romance series, "Clothilde," will release May 7!  

I am seriously in love with this series and hope you will be, too.  Beginning with the prequel, "Flame of Normandy," it traces the history of a Norman dynasty before, during and shortly after the time of the Conquest.

When William of Normandy arranges the marriage of Hugo du Flaumier and Catherine Broussard in Book I, "Flame of Normandy," he is joining pledged enemies.  Hugo and Catherine's father have been trying to kill each others for years and many people believe Hugo and Catherine will continue the pattern.

Fate takes its course in Book II, "The Comet."  Neel de Jardinier, a young bastard knight raised at Hugo du Flaumier's castle, seeks the land in England that he can never have in France.  And, like his foster father, Neel also marries a woman who would like to see him dead.

In Book III, "Clothilde," Hugo and Catherine have--despite everything --produced a daughter who is the living emblem of their passionate power struggle.  Headstrong, reckless and prone to trouble, Clothilde du Flaumier will resist every constraint imposed upon her and those constraints are legion.  She cannot be a knight, she will not be a nun and she loathes the thought of becoming a wife.  

See her story in "Clothilde."  Like her mother, she will never bore you.  

Here is the current link for Books I and II of the series.  You may want to get a head start!

And here, at last, is Clothilde.  You can see more of her May 7.



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