Friday, November 1, 2013

Come away with me…

I’m Cynthia Owens, back once again to invite you to visit a tiny island jewel on the Atlantic Ocean, complete with tidal pools, caves, a beautiful lighthouse and a rocky coast upon which many a Maritime sailor has run aground…including Cathal Donnelly.

Turtle Island is the setting for my new historical-romance-with-a-paranormal-twist, Keeper of the Light.

If you’ve read Deceptive Hearts, the first book of the Wild Geese Series, you’ll recognize Cathal as one of Shane MacDermott’s best friends. A story teller and a singer of songs, a dreamer and a bit of a rebel, Cathal washes up on the stormy shores of Turtle Island with no memory of who he is or why he’s there.

He’s rescued by Laura Bainbridge, a spirited Maritime beauty with dreams of a wider world beyond the island home she’s always known. But will dreams of Prince Charming take her away from Turtle Island? Or will an encounter with Helena Bodewell, the island ghost, point her in a different direction.

Here’s an excerpt from Keeper of the Light, when Laura first meets the Lady of Turtle Island:

A high, thin cry sliced through her reverie. Her skin prickling, Laura peered into the thick fog.
Nothing. Had she imagined the sound? Was it merely the wail of the wind, the cry of a seabird?
The sound came again, lost, grief-stricken. A woman’s keening wail.
She squinted harder, straining to make out a form, a shape, anything in the thick shroud of fog and dark.
“Is someone there?”
The heartrending cry came again, shivering along Laura’s spine and raking fingers of pain across her heart. “Please… where are you?”
There! High on the cliff at the far end of the beach. A small white-gowned figure, long blonde hair blowing around her. Laura gasped, coughing violently as the wind scored her lungs.
It couldn’t be!
“Helena?” The howling wind snatched the whispered word and carried it away.
The woman turned slowly, and Laura’s breath caught in her throat. Had the woman in white heard?
She was beautiful. Laura had known she would be. Fragile and ethereal, the small woman’s sea-colored eyes blazed, her ruby lips curved into a smile of heartbreaking loveliness as she gazed steadily at Laura for a timeless moment.
Then the wisp of a vision vanished.
Laura squeezed her eyes shut. “It can’t be.”
Was it possible? Had she really just seen the legendary Lady of Turtle Island? Had Helena’s gaze really met hers?
Would the island ghost’s prophesy come true?

Come visit me!


  1. Miriam, thanks so much for having me back at the Rose again!

  2. It's my pleasure, Cynthia. I'm so excited about your book coming out!

  3. You do ghosts well, Cynthia. Very intriguing excerpt. Best wishes for continnued success with your wonderful series!

    1. Hi Pat, thank you! This is the first time I've ever done a ghost, and I have to admit I had a wonderful time with Helena and her legend! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt, and thank you for your good wishes.