Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I hope everyone is having a lovely and satisfying week.  I'm taking a short break to plan a trip to Ireland, but next week my nose will be back to the grindstone--not that I mind!  On May 15, Erin O'Quinn will bring you a special tale from her forthcoming release, "The Wakening Fire."  This is book two in her series about Ireland in the time of St. Patrick and I'm falling in love with the books as I read them, planning a pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick for late in September or early October.  Whether or not I make the entire three-hour climb is another matter!

Then, on the weekend of the 19th, The Celtic Rose Blog will be open to promotion from Celtic and historical authors.  We will feature a running list in our Comments section on which you can post or browse for contemporary, historical and/or fantasy books in Celtic or closely associated genres.  So if this is your interest, feel free to join us.

Meanwhile, here's a picture which is one of my all-time favorites and if I keep looking at it and reminding myself I'll be there in the fall...well, it helps!

DOES ANYONE WANT TO SHARE THEIR FAVORITE ATTRACTIONS, PLACES TO STAY, FOND MEMORIES OF IRELAND??  Many of us would love to hear them!  Feel free to share in the Comments section.


  1. I've lived in Ireland for 15 years and have traveled extensively into 31 of the 32 counties now. Hoping to add 32 this summer if the weather gets better. It's been pretty dire this year.

    One of my new favorite places is just up the road from me, called the Rock of Dunamase. There was once a castle perched on this rocky outcrop. It had huge significance back in the day as a border keep for the Kings of Leinster. It's one of only two 'rocks' in Ireland, the other being a monastic settlement at the Rock of Cashel in the Tipperary Plains. (that's the phoot on your book, Confessions of a Cleaning Lady) Dunamase has a stunning 360 degree view around the flat lands between counties Kildare and Laois (pronounced leesh). And it's supposed to be haunted! (aren't they all??)

    I have loads of favorite places in Ireland. It's hard to chose just one. The Cliffs of Moher are certainly stunning, though not the highest as claimed. There are higher ones, such as Sleive League in Donegal and Cathedral Heights on Achill Island in County Mayo. The all look out to the North Atlantic, but the view is so vastly different from each place. All stunning.

    If I were coming back to Ireland on holidays, I think the place I'd want to see more than anywhere is the Dingle Peninsula, down around the Slea Head Drive area. Also, the Burren region of Clare (north of the Cliffs of Moher). Those are probably my two favorite regions. But Dunamase is currently my favorite historic area . . . at the moment ;-)

  2. Ah, great suggestions all, Kemberlee. Many thanks. It's so hard to find a place in Ireland I DON'T want to visit! :) You know I'm heading straight to Dingle. After that, who knows? I loved Cashel and it does figure in my book, but talk about haunted--wowee. Thanks for the info.!