Sunday, January 1, 2012


"The Snow Bride" by Lindsay Townsend is the latest ebook release by a very talented British author whose settings range from ancient Egypt to Roman Britain, medieval Europe to Mediterranean locales, but nowhere has her writing disappointed me.

This book set in England during the Crusades is not specifically Celtic, but its depiction of black and white magic, witches and sorcerers, demons and familiars won it a place in my heart and on this blog.  Her name is more suggestive of a lingering Anglo-Saxon heritage, but Elfrida's "magicks" appeal to the Celt in me.  Sir Magnus is the lusty knight of yore and I could not resist him.  Battle-scarred and battle-wise, he is summoned by villagers whose brides--including Elfrida's sister--are being stolen by an evil phantasm--a Forest Grendel.  Although Magnus has long since accepted that his maimed limbs and scarred face make him unacceptable in any woman's bed unless he pays for the privilege, he is nonetheless captivated by the strong-willed white witch who offers herself as bait to the monster in an attempt to free her sister.  Saving Elfrida from her ill-thought-out plan, he falls in with it and in love with her, lending his redoubtable courage and shrewd battle skills to the cause.  I will not give you spoilers about the identity and motivation of the Forest Grendel, but Ms. Townsend's tale of these two lonely people joining forces to track him to his lair is non-stop, rich and lyrical.  Her voice is distinctive, her writing style a delight, and the ending is both satisfying and promising in that a sequel would be possible.

I would classify this novel as sensual but not erotic, with tenderly arousing sexual content which is essential to the story.  I give it four out of five Celtic Roses.  It is discounted until midnight, January 3 at Siren-Bookstrand.

NOTE:  This is an unsolicited review and a copy of the book was purchased by the reviewer.



  1. Thank you so much, Miriam, for this lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed my 'Snow Bride' so much.
    Lindsay Townsend

  2. I did, Lindsay. I loved it and you're very welcome.

  3. The Snow Bride sounds like a wonderful read, Miriam. I've always been intrigued by Beauty and the Beast stories. :)

  4. A wonderful assessment. I haven't read this one yet, but plan to. I too love Beauty and the Beast type love stories.


  5. Another book just hit my TBR pile! This one is a real must read.

    We no longer have that bookstore filled with other readers so reviews such as this one are very helpful.

  6. Thank you, ladies. Well, this review (and any others to come) are truly reader reviews, since I was a reader long before I was a writer and still am! I just have a greater understanding of the fine points now, which makes my appreciation deeper when I consider the skill required to use them. I agree, it's sad that so many of our favorite haunts, where we could talk to other readers, have closed.

  7. Darn, I missed this post when it came out. Miriam, I love your idea about reviewing as a reader, and The Snow Bride sounds like a jewel. Will be checking it out.