Sunday, January 2, 2011


Why a member of her Clan (Bell) says "Norway is the new Scotland"!

Before you condemn this lassie, here's my story:

I've been to Scotland; it's a beautiful country. But when I started writing novels in 2006, I wanted to go a different direction from the highly over-crowded and fanciful "kilted warrior" market. Trust me - I totally understand the appeal of a man in a plaid. Still, I didn't think the world needed another romance about one. There simply aren't enough bookcases.

The key is the man IN the kilt. He needs to be sexy hero material.

So who else is sexy? Vikings! Big, blond, buff, and beautiful, with oceanic eyes. But the Viking era was pretty harsh. And limited. And dirty. So my Norwegian hero's story takes place in the 1800s. And it quickly grew to a trilogy, with the second book pulling my Nicolas Hansen to Norway to candidate for a reclaimed Norse throne!

But, as enamored I became of my Norse men, I wasn't willing to ignore my own heritage, so while my heroes are all members of the fictional Hansen family of Arendal, Norway - up to now, the heroines are all Scots. In homage to the Bell clan, I have given them the name - or use of it.

My fourth book - a Hansen prequel - begins in 1354 on the northern coast of Scotland and tells of the re-establishment of the Hansen family following the Black Death. Loving the Norseman is scheduled for a Fall 2011 release, as is the sequel, Loving the Knight. There, my heroine takes the Bell name as she steps into the role of Lady of the estate and raises the plague-orphaned Bell heir on the Scots/English border in 1355. The hero is a Scottish knight from whom she is keeping her true "English/bastard/servant" identity a secret.

Trust me - there is a Hansen in that story as well! I must remain true to my brand.

So. Is it time you found a new sort of hero? Please allow me to help.

For every 10 people who comment here, I will give away one free e-copy of A Woman of Choice - the beginning of the trilogy. And, yes. Commenter #11 warrants 2 copies! Comment #21? I'll give away three.


In February at the end of my blog tour, I'll give away one SIGNED PAPERBACK SET of the trilogy. Here's how you can get in on that deal:
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A Woman of Choice, A Prince of Norway, and A Matter of Principle are all available at

A Woman of Choice - Missouri Territory, 1819
A woman is viciously betrayed and abandoned by her unfaithful husband. She is rescued by a widower uninterested in love. In desperation, she becomes engaged to his best friend. One woman, three very different men. Life is about choices.

A Prince of Norway - Christiania, Norway, 1820
American-born Nicolas Hansen has been asked to candidate for his great-grandfather's throne. His new wife Sydney isn't about to let him go to Norway and face that possibility alone. The moment they arrive at Akershus Castle, the political intrigue and maneuvering begin. Can Sydney trust anyone? Will Nicolas resist the seduction of power? Or will he claim the throne for himself? Most importantly: will their young marriage survive the malicious mischief of the ambitious royal family?

A Matter of Principle - St. Louis, State of Missouri, 1821
Nicolas Hansen has returned from Norway determined to change the world. But when he runs for State Legislator in the brand-new state of Missouri, the enemies he made over the past two years aren't about to step quietly aside. Sydney has made enemies of her own, both by marrying Nicolas and by practicing midwifery. When a newspaper reporter makes it his goal to destroy them, Nicolas must rethink his path once again. But this time, it's a matter of principle.


  1. Your books sound wonderful, Kris. Having cruised around Scotland, I can just picture those Vikings kidnapping a Scottish lassie or two. Wishing you many sales. Enjoy your blog tour!

  2. Everything looks and sounds wonderful. I agree, Vikings are HOT!
    The covers look great! Can't wait to read them. Good luck on your tour.

  3. I have "A Woman of Choice," which is getting great reviews, and can't wait to dig in.

  4. Very interesting blog. I love the idea of Norway and Vikings. Your books sound great. Good luck.

  5. I can't wait to read your book! I love historical romance and I love a good series. I get so sad when I come to the end of a good book that leaves me wanting more. Good luck! I hope you sell MILLIONS of books! -- Diane

  6. Diane - part of the reason it's a trilogy was I couldn't say goodbye to these characters! :)

  7. I love your story premise! I've never been to Scotland or Norway, but I agree it's good to expand our fictional worlds into less traveled territories.

    Congratulations on your series. The books sound terrific!


  8. Kris - I so admire your vivid imagination and your entrepreneurial spirit! Best of luck with your blog tour.

  9. You've hit both my ancestories, Kris. My Dad's parents came to America from Denmark and my Mom's from Scotland. How could I not love your stories with my roots in both of them. Your covers are super - I remember a couple of them from seeing them before on your site.

    I sort of cheat and bring my Scottish heroes to the California gold rush area and have been toying with the idea of bringing my heroine in from Denmark and giving her my Grandma's name.

    Best of luck in all of your stories being published.

  10. Well I don't know if I'll be 11 or not, but wanted to say your heroines sound a lot like you in that they're spirited and spunky. It takes a lot of hard work to do all you've done!

  11. Howdy Kris! Your blog tour is a lot of fun,
    Laura Russell

  12. I love your covers, Kris. How much of you is in your heroines?

  13. Kris (or Miriam)
    Since I was #11 and I already have a copy of A Woman of Choice, is it possible to go to the next person in line? I didn't intend to be #11, as I wasn't posting to win a copy; just commenting to show my support on your tour.

  14. Already taken care of, Julie! It would help if the people who do want to enter leave an email address.

  15. My email addy is

    I'd love to be entered in the contest. Your books sound terrific.

    Best of luck!